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Advanced Practical Course M in Biophysics

An overview page with all information about the Practical Course M is located on the website of the Physics Department.

If you have questions regarding the Practical Course M, please contact Prof. Dr. Tobias Bollenbach (t.bollenbach(at), Tel. 1621) or Prof. Dr. Berenike Maier (berenike.maier(at), Tel. 8046).


You can sign up at the Practical Courses database.

If you are not yet registered in the database through earlier participation in Practical Course A or B, you can create a new account with the function "Sign up".

In particular, you can find the registration deadlines under "Events" in the database.

A maximum of six groups (i.e. 18 students) will be admitted. In case more groups apply, students who have attended courses in the specialization "Statistical and Biological Physics" will be admitted preferentially. Students who did undergraduate courses or their BSc thesis in biological physics or molecular biology will also be admitted preferentially. Those students who are not admitted will be notified immediately after the registration deadline and can participate in a different topic.

Experiments will be done in presence. The general corona regulations of the university apply.


The experiment number corresponds to the respective identifier in the database. All experiment appointments must be performed as a group after free arrangement with the responsible assistants. All attestations (one for each successful performance, one for each correct report) are documented in the database by the assistant and can be viewed there with the function "My Appointments".

General Rules

  • Work in groups of 2 - 3 students.
  • Four experiments.
  • Make your appointments directly with the supervisors.
  • Grade: exam at the end of the semester.
  • Content: theory, discussion of results, 1 paper specified in the instructions (typeset in bold).
  • Safety instruction is mandatory.
  • For each experiment: 
    • Understand theory and sequence of experimental steps before coming to the lab.
    •  Discuss theory and work plan before starting the experiment with your supervisor.
    • Perform experiments.
    • Analyze your results and coordinate with your supervisor how much you can do at home.
  • Write-up includes: 
    • introduction / theory (2 pages) including goal (1 paragraph)
    • results and discussion (4-8 pages)
    • summary (1 paragraph consisting of 1 sentence goal, 3-5 sentences results, 1 sentence conclusion)
    • Make sure that for graphs all axes are labeled and that each result is explained in words not only as a graph.
    • Also see the general template and guide for writing lab reports on (note that most of the other information on that site does not apply to the practical course in biological physics).
  • Deadlines:
    • The entire course including accepted versions of your write-up has to be finished during the semester. (The exam may be taken later.)
    •  Each write-up must be submitted three weeks after the experiment.
    •  The supervisors will potentially return corrections and you are required to return the revised write-up within three weeks.
    • The supervisors will inform you once your write-up has been accepted. You may also check your status on the database.
  • The entire group is responsible for submitting acceptable reports within the deadlines.
  • Please make sure that each member of the group has a copy of all data in case one group member becomes unavailable.